This site has launched, albeit in patchwork fashion. Seven articles to start. Thanks foremost to my mother, Hannah, for all of the pathways and the opportunities, and for inculcating the critical habits of mind that economic analysis requires.

Thanks as well to my uncle Arthur, for many years of encouragement and support. Thanks to Sandy, my girlfriend of three years, for the kitchen table conversations that sharpened these arguments, and for her love and companionship even more. Thanks to the Alternative Banking Group in NYC for animating the spirit of activism week after week, and for the opportunity to present in 2019. Thanks in particular to Josh and Dan for the recent forum discussions that gave this long-planned site its final push into existence. And thanks to my first economics teacher, the legendary Daniel Alexander at Horace Mann, for fueling an amateur’s lifelong interest.


Jerome J. Slote (EconCCX)